The Canadian military is recognized as a world leader in the development of soldier protection systems. These systems include a wide variety of technical fabric solutions designed and developed by Consoltex specialists. We employ state-of-the-art technology to produce fabrics that meet or exceed the stringent standards established by the Canadian Armed Forces for their Canadian Disruptive (CADPATTM) camouflage patterns. We are also a key producer of solid shade fabrics developed for a wide variety of military uses.
CADPATTM Uniforms representing the Canadian Disruptive Pattern are an integral part of the Canadian Army's identity. These patterns introduce state-of-the-art technology for signature management of the individual fighting soldier in the areas of camouflage, concealment and deception (CCD). All Canadian Disruptive Patterns are based on original scientific investigation and are patented and copyright protected and the Department of National Defence has acquired a trademark for the term CADPATTM.

Consoltex has developed and produced fabrics that meet the requirements of the three types of CADPATTM currently in use by the Canadian Armed Forces (Arid Regions, Temperate Woodland, Winter/Arctic).

Photo courtesy of DND Photo courtesy of DND Photo courtesy of DND

Arid Regions
CADPATTM (Arid Regions) is certified by the Canadian Army for operations in desert and savannah environmental conditions and is optimized for the longer range gates associated with these types of terrains. The pattern also incorporates sophisticated Infra-Red technology for night operations.

Temperate Woodland

CADPATTM (Temperate Woodland), the first pattern to be introduced, is optimized for the range gate 30-350 metres against a 3 power optical sight. The pattern incorporates Near Infra-Red technology at the ink level to assist in defeating Near Infra-Red optical devices.


CADPATTM (Winter/Arctic) has been introduced as an upgrade to the current monochrome winter whites to further enhance the Canadian Soldier's camouflage capability by day and night and includes Near Infra-red technology.

Our success in Canada is generating interest abroad. We are working with government agencies across the globe to produce unique fabrics designed for soldier concealment and protection.

Near Infra-Red, thermo and
    radar protection
Heat, flame and fire
 Protection from chemicals,
    bacteria, viruses and other
Water, wind and UV
 Moisture management for
    comfort and dryness

 Canadian Twill
 Combat Cloth

 FR Viscose


Combat Uniforms (jacket, pants, flight suits,
    vests, hats, gloves and boot coverings)
Dress Uniforms, Workwear, Parkas and Suits
Shelters (tents, covers, mesh and netting)
Equipment (sleeping bags,
    rucksacks, frag-vests, load carriage systems,
    tactical vests, small pack systems and bivy